The Fila Brasileiro History


The origin of the Fila Brasileiro is obscure. The Fila history began in Brazil by the first colonists approximately 400 years ago. It was a necessity for the colonists to have a strong, sturdy, and hard-working dog that would be great at driving cattle, a great jaguar hunter, great guard dog, and a wonderful loyal companion.

This is what came to be the Fila Brasileiro. It is known that the Fila Brasileiro emerged partly from the old English Mastiffs, Ancient Bulldogs and Blood Hounds. Traits from these three breeds can be seen in the Fila Brasileiros appearance and their working abilities. For centuries, Fila Brasileiros have been known for their courage, character and loyalty. In addition, they can hunt hogs, run 35 miles per hour and are excellent search dogs. The word “FILA” means “To Hold” (in ancient Portuguese) and is one of the functions of the Fila Brasileiro to track and hold (filar) their prey at the end of the trail. The Fila Brasileiro is the National dog of Brazil. Its legendary loyalty is expressed in a Brazilian saying: “Faithful as Fila”.

Three main breeds that contributed to the creation of the Fila Brasileiro:


Ancient bulldog:
Old English Mastiff:

Over 50 years ago Present
Traits passed on

Protective temperament, stubborn, colors, typical rose-ear, persistence.
Courage, large heavy head, short neck, black mask, basic colors and substance.
Abundant loose skin, pendulous lips, hanging flews and dewlaps, its wonderful melancholy expressions and the excellent scent for tracking abilities.