Feel The Need to Be Loved

Have the need to feel love?

This is a general rule, based on moderate caloric foods and for animals that may be crated during a part of their daily routine or less active during extreme weather conditions.

Everyone knows that a dog is a Shag’s best friend, right? They love us generously regardless of who we are, even those of us who are socially uhhhhh….challenged, or for that matter, deranged.

I’ve had dogs all my life, the really nifty breeds like Rottweiler and Irish Wolfhound and Rhodesian (Zimbabwean?) Ridgeback and Australian Cattle Dog and Bouvier and Pit Bull and Poodle and Old English Sheepdog and an assortment of mongrels and they’ve all been wonderful.

The Fila Brasileiro, apart from being quite the most irresistible creature in puppyhood, is without doubt the most loyal and loving of the lot. You really have no doubt that you are the absolute center of somebody’s universe. For those of us who have reason to suspect we’re less than acceptable to our own species, this is a good thing and can become quite addictive.

The Fila Brasileiro is just not like other dogs. It believes the very reason for its existence is to make you happy, and never do anything to incur your wrath. This means it takes like 24 hours for a Fila puppy to get the message about potty training. Woohoo!

They have this thing about attaching themselves to your leg…no, I don’t mean doing the hump thing which (while flattering) can get pretty annoying if you’re out in public waiting for a bus or something. No, a Fila would never be so forward as to actually make a move on one of its master’s appendages… that would be disrespectful and they’re all about respect and submissiveness. (not the type that involves leather and tools).

This is a dog that will drop to the floor on his belly looking as though his whole world has come crashing down around his ears if you just LOOK at him in an angry tone of voice. OMG, the heartbreak, the misery if you actually shout at him! Can you imagine having this sort of adoration, day in and day out? Does great things for the self-esteem.

Yeah, ok there’s a catch. All of the above applies only to the master and those fortunate beings that the Fila consider part of the master’s inner circle of family and friends, i.e., those living in the same household. Everyone else is an oxygen thief and will be dealt with accordingly. Hey this a guard dog, after all, and they guard so well because they love so deeply.

When you’re owned and loved by a Fila Brasileiro, you have to pretty much change your lifestyle (unless you already are an antisocial hermit in which case it’s all good). You can’t have hordes of friends and acquaintances popping in an out like its Paddington Station, you can’t let long lost aunties and cousins and things wander around your place, you can’t have neighborhood kids come over to play where the dog can see them wrestling with YOUR kid, and one night stands are out of the question. Well at your place, anyway.

Thing of it is, this is their natural mindset, it’s hard wired in and you aren’t going to change it with training or punishment without ending up with a paranoid, unstable, unhappy dog; so if you don’t want the protective side of things, rather look for another breed. This is not a dog you can chain out in the yard and forget about. They live to be at your side and protect you, your own personal bodyguard, a hundred percent loyal and faithful, even in the bathroom. Only tons of money can buy that from a human, and you’d always have to worry about someone with more money or looking like Angelina Jolie coming along.

If you’re looking for a Fila of your own, there are a few things you should know, like for example they don’t cross well with other breeds. Mixed breed filas often don’t have that extreme loyalty thing and can turn on their master…not a pleasant thing to contemplate since these are very large and powerful dogs. They also smell like hounds, and let rip with the anal glands when facing a threat. Can you say skunk? Well not exactly, but just as vile.

Ya gets what ya pays for. Never trust a puppy mill breeder that pumps out litters and sells the pups for a quantity discount. This breed is prone to bloat, HD and ED, so unless you want to throw several hundred dollars down the toilet by buying from a production line breeder who doesn’t select proven breeding stock or test for problems, you should do a lot of research and pick a fila breeder who is well thought of in the breed and who does it right