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The Fila Brasileiro is loyal and loving to its owners, has a strong OJERIZA, self-confident and calm until aroused. A Fila’s OJERIZA is a genetic trait, which is the main reason why it is a guardian dog. OJERIZA means a total dislike for strangers. Their OJERIZA is the reason why Fila Brasileiro’s don’t need training for protection. Filas are natural guardian dogs and every potential owner must understand and respect this trait. Fila puppies show their OJERIZA by backing away from strangers. When they mature, they become more protective. The more affection, education and contact with your Fila, the stronger its OJERIZA. In addition, the Fila should have: conformation, angulation, type, health, temperament and working ability. Having a loving bond with your Fila is of most importance in the development of its life. Our Filas roam our property as a “pack,” which is considered important for good development in their physical and mental health.

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